What is SMP for Women

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a procedure in which tiny dots are applied cosmetically to the scalp. The procedure is intended to increase the appearance of hair density in women to hide areas of thinning hair or hair loss.

No matter if the patient has long or short hair, scalp micropigmentation provides a camouflage that appears as if they have thicker hair. An added benefit to SMP is that it doesn’t require invasive surgery, and thus, no downtime or scarring will occur.

Scalp micropigmentation normally takes one to two hours to complete depending on the area size that needs to be treated. Patients usually have to undergo two to three sessions to achieve their desired results.

SMP doesn’t hurt as much as having a regular tattoo and is significantly less painful compared to a hair transplant. After the procedure, your hair will appear fuller and denser than it was before.

All Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are charged by the hour. The pricing and treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation.

You can text photos of the front, and top of your hair to 909-733-3191, we will gladly take a look and let you know how we can help, but we can't be as definitive as if we see it in person or contact us here. Looking forward to meeting you!


Frequently asked questions

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP is a method of depositing pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin on the scalp, which replicates hair follicles. SMP is an excellent option for women with low hair density and thinning.  

How does Scalp Micropigmentation help women with hairloss?

SMP conceals the bare scalp, thus creating the illusion of fuller hair. You know, when you go to the salon and get your hair colored, when you leave the salon, your hair looks fuller. That's because your scalp gets stained with the hair color, and you can no longer see the shiny scalp coming through. SMP creates the same illusion, and when you look at the scalp closely, the pigment added to your scalp looks like hair follicles or hair stubble!

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Painful?

The pain level is different for everyone.  For the most part clients explain the feeling as mildly uncomfortable.  In some cases, clients even fall asleep while receiving the treatment. In other cases, clients experience a bit of pain across the temples or above the ears during treatment. On a scale from 1-10  most clients rate their pain as 3-5 during treatment.

How long will SMP Last?

SMP usually lasts for many years with proper care and treatment. For the best SMP results using sunscreen is highly recommended. Client health also plays a part in the SMP results lasting as long as possible. Healthy clients with normal immune systems can expect the color to last for 4-5 years. 

How will my scalp look right after the SMP treatment?

You can expect to see some redness for the first 24 hours after the treatment, and If you have a darker skin tone, this will be less visible. The pigmentation will be darker for the first seven days. As the pigment-filled scabs peel off, the pigmentation will get lighter. As the scabs flake away, the SMP impressions will look smaller. The final dots, usually 90 to 170 Um in diameter, blends seamlessly into your natural hair.