Inked Scar Camouflage

Inked Scar Camouflage is a technique that uses needles and pigment to help scars blend in with one’s natural skin. Also known as skin color tattooing, this treatment uses permanent makeup pigments to improve the appearance of scars.

The initial test patch to decide on the right color for scar camouflage normally takes 30 minutes to complete. Both the consultation and testing are often done in a single visit. As for the actual procedure, it can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the nature and size of the patient’s scar.

You can expect minimal discomfort during the scar camouflage treatment. We also offer a topical anesthetic to allow the area to numb before the procedure. However, it’s best to avoid using topicals as it can make it difficult for us to differentiate between the scar and its surrounding skin.

Once the treatment is complete, you can expect the scar to be well-hidden and extremely difficult to notice afterward.

You can text photos of your scar to 909-733-3191, we will gladly take a look and let you know how we can help, but we can't be as definitive as if we see it in person or contact us here. Looking forward to meeting you!


Frequently asked questions

What is scar camouflage?

Scar camouflage involves custom blending high-quality pigments to match the skin's natural tone to disguise skin imperfections or a scar to the rest of the skin. Scar camouflage conceals imperfections caused by different types of scars, hypo pigmentation, surgical scars, acne, and burns. 

Is scar camouflage permanent?

The time you can expect your treatment to last depends on several factors, such as the quality of the inks used, the person's skin type, and how dark the original color was. Other lifestyle factors include exposure to the sun or tanning bed, the use of exfoliating skin-care products, and frequent swimming can cause premature fading of the color.

Is scar camouflage safe?

At Precisely Inked, we use sterile and disposable needles. This allows us to provide you with the safest, most sterile form of cosmetic tattooing available. 

Does scar camouflage hurt?

Usually, there is minimal discomfort and sensitivity. Most scars are sensitive. However, a topical numbing cream is an option. The additional factor to consider is that the ingredients in most topical anesthetics cause a “blanching” effect on the surrounding skin tone due to the constriction of blood vessels during the numbing phase. This can make it challenging to see the scar and its surrounding border areas. It is favorable to avoid topical anesthetic unless there is significant discomfort to the client.

How long will my results last?

According to industry case studies, it will last five years or more if the correct after-care procedures are adhered to.
You may or may not need a touch-up after 5-6 years. Remember, a stretch mark is a scar, so the skin is trickier to treat. Also, as we age, all tattoos transition and change on our skin because there’s less elasticity and melanin production. This can affect your stretch mark camouflage tattoo, as well.

How will I look right after the treatment?

You can expect to see redness and swelling immediately after the procedure for 1-3 days. There is little to no downtime. Clients can resume work the same day.

When will I see the final results?

After 45-60 days of healing, the final results will be revealed. A follow-up visit is necessary for 4-6 weeks to determine if the color tone that was applied and depth is satisfactory.